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Workplace Legal is an innovative and fit-for-purpose legal services’ framework, focused on employment and labour relations, and designed to empower business leaders, entrepreneurs, managers, supervisors and human resources professionals to reduce the inherent legal threats in workplace interactions by providing creative training, advising, investigating and legal representation.

Workplace Legal's data-oriented workplace investigations and coaching-styled legal information delivery, litigation and advisory services are designed to improve the work climate and leverage the legal system to shape wealthy and healthy workplaces, procuring a positive lifetime experience with the law in and around the workplace.


  • Improve the work climate;
  • Coaching-styled delivery of lawyer’s services;
  • Modular, creative, bite size, scalable and data-driven legal services;
  • Legally sound management of your employees’ expectations;
  • Better employees’ experience to reduce the chances of claims and lawsuits.
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